Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a very important style of interpretation, very different in purpose, use, and implementation than other interpreting services. Consecutive interpretations are used for what are generally private discussions between two parties, when accuracy and specifics are paramount. The first party speaks in short phrases and pauses, allowing an interpreter to accurately express thoughts and ideas to the second party. This process is repeated over and over across both sides of the table until an agreement or decision has been made. During such meetings, Syntagma interpreters take into consideration cultural differences, peculiarities of the languages, the mentality of the participants, and other factors.

Consecutive interpretations are most commonly used in situations where being accurate is far more important than the speed of the translation. Examples of this situation could be legal discussions, staff recruitment, or business negotiations. Due to the extreme difficulty and precision involved, two interpreters should be provided to work on rotation.

To place an order for a consecutive interpretation, please contact a representative or submit an electronic request form.


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