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Syntagma is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are a full-service translation company offering professional interpretation and translation services in many European and Asian languages.

Written Translation Services

The team at Syntagma is ready to handle any written translation your company may need. With experiences in all fields, we are fully capable of turning your texts into presentable materials under any deadline. Our translators have the skills and resources needed to work with even the most difficult of texts.

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Editing and Proofreading Services

To ensure successful communication and accuracy of written translations we provide editing and proofreading services that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. These seemingly simple steps can really make a difference.

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Interpreting Services

Our professional interpreters are trained to understand your needs and have what it takes to make your next meeting a success. Our interpreters are skilled and qualified to carry out simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting to and from English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more. Available at your event location or our office, our interpreters stand ready to help you find the right words.

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Conference and Interpreting Equipment Rental

Using the right tools for the job is an important rule. Attempting to host an event without proper equipment can be devastatingly worse than not holding the event at all. For this reason, Syntagma stocks and rents modern, state-of-the-art conference equipment, including microphones, headphones, transmitters, recording devices, and consoles. Using our professional equipment guarantees that no word goes unheard and that your audience leaves your event satisfied.

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To place an order for interpretation, translation, editing, or proofreading services, please contact a representative or submit an electronic request form.


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