Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most demanding and difficult interpretation service in the industry. Simultaneous interpretations involve highly skilled professionals serving as liaisons between two parties which do not speak the same language. This service requires intense concentration and demands that interpreters are not only fluent in both languages involved, but also have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Here at World Translated, our professional simultaneous interpreters are highly skilled in linguistics and have extensive practical experience in business, scientific, legal, medical, and other fields, which helps them make your events and meetings a real success. Due to the difficult nature of these simultaneous interpretations, at least two interpreters will work on rotation to complete every job.

World Translated offers two types of simultaneous interpreting services: whispered and conference.

Whispered Interpreting

Simultaneous whispered interpreting involves two or more language interpreters, working together on fifteen - thirty minute rotations at events hosting a small audience. The interpreters quietly translate for visitors on a continuous basis, ensuring that nothing is "lost in translation".

Simultaneous whispered interpretations are most suitable for small groups or meetings at which majority understands the source language and only three-four persons need interpreters' assistance. During such interpretations, no equipment is used or needed.

Simultaneous whispered interpretations allow the meeting to go on without interrupting the presenter to ask for pauses to let the guests catch up. Whispered keeps everyone on track and avoids your guests the embarrassment of not understanding what is going on.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous conference interpretations involve two or more interpreters, working on rotation, interpreting via microphone and other conference equipment. The interpreters work out of sight in a specially equipped booth, continuously interpreting in many different languages.

Simultaneous conference interpreting is best suited for a diverse audience, where more than a few guests need an interpreter, or where you need for your guests to be involved in discussion. World Translated interpreters will speak throughout the entire presentation in at least two languages, continuously interpreting all questions, answers, and points.

Conference interpretations also allow all member of the audience to participate in an event "real-time", meaning that everyone is fully capable of raising questions or points at any time during the meeting, thereby improving the involvement of your guests in your meeting.

To place an order for a simultaneous whispered or conference interpretation, please contact a representative or submit an electronic request form.


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